Understanding Duchenne: The Role of World Duchenne Organization in BEAMER 

  (From left to right: Suzie-Ann Bakker and Dimitrios Athanasiou, World Duchenne Organization)   The role of patient organizations in international research projects is as unique as it is important. Patient organizations serve as the collective voice of people living with this specific condition. In research projects, they ensure that outputs are designed to address the […]

BEAMER Project Assembly in Antwerp: A Productive Endeavor

Led by the project and coordination team, the BEAMER project assembly in Antwerp on March 12th and 13th proved to be a productive event. The teams spearheaded discussions on the mission statement and vision of BEAMER, setting the tone for the collaborative efforts ahead. Throughout the assembly, updates from various work packages were provided, including […]

BEAMER Project to Speak at Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystem Event

We’re excited to announce that the BEAMER Project will be speaking at a Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystem Event attended by Beatriz Merino from UPM and Ana Roca-Umbert from PredictBy. They will share their expertise and experiences from BEAMER about the model and treatment adherence. Their insights promise to contribute to the diverse perspectives offered […]

Unlocking the Future of Clinical Trials: The Critical Role of Patient Adherence

In an exploration of the critical facet of patient adherence in clinical trials, Aad R. Liefveld from Link2Trials, a partner of the BEAMER project, sheds light on the profound impact adherence has on global health, pharmaceutical decision-making, and the successful outcomes of clinical trials. In this two-part series of articles, Aad speaks about available innovative […]

Understanding Human Behavior To Help Improve Patient Adherence

Healthcare professional. Image by Unsplash

BEAMER is delighted to announce that its project lead Claire Everitt, the Device Design and Engineering Team Leader in R&D at Pfizer and Aad R. Liefveld, a project member, have authored an article titled ‘Understanding Human Behavior To Help Improve Patient Adherence‘ published in Clinical Leader. Unveiling the Urgent Context: This article has been published […]

BEAMER Gains Positive Reception within the Dutch CRO Community

Image taken by Link2Trials

Recently, Sjaak Bloem and I had the privilege of presenting the BEAMER project to the Dutch CRO community during the annual Association of Contract Research Organization Netherlands (ACRON) symposium. The event, overseen by Prof. Dr. Carmen Dirksen of Maastricht University, centered around patient participation in clinical studies—a focal point that aligns closely with BEAMER’s overarching […]

An analysis of medication adherence through Electronic Health Records (EHR) data

As researchers in Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance focused on studying the use, adherence, effectiveness and safety of drugs in different conditions and populations in Primary Care using data proceeding from the Electronic Health Records (EHR), understanding and managing such massive data poses a significant challenge for our research group. We have access to a large amount […]

BEAMER Meeting in Thessaloniki Sets Vision for Future Healthcare Solutions

It has become a tradition within BEAMER to gather during the autumn months for a technical progress assessment and to strategize upcoming efforts. This year was no exception. The Consortium convened in the charming city of Thessaloniki, Greece, for a two-day event from October 19 to 20, 2023, hosted by the Centre for Research and […]

“Lighting The Way” Blog Series #6: Adherence and Effiency


Each month, we convene several partner organisations from the BEAMER project to discuss one of the six dimensions of quality care—safety, effectiveness, patient-centredness, timeliness, efficiency and equity—as it relates to adherence to treatments.   You will learn more about who they are and why they care so much about improving adherence across Europe. You’ll also […]

BEAMER’s Innovative Research on AI-Driven Treatment Adherence Prediction Recognised at International Conference

Beatriz Merino, WP2, BEAMER

In a remarkable showcase of cutting-edge research and innovation, Beatriz Merino from BEAMER’s Work Package 2 participated in the 25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, hosted at the prestigious AC Bella Sky Hotel and Bella Center.   The conference served as a global platform for sharing advancements in the realm of human-computer interaction. Beatriz represented […]