Data has repeatedly been characterised as the “new gold”, highlighting its growing importance in all aspects of human activities. As such, data forms a central part of research and, by extension, the BEAMER project. This is particularly relevant for the design, development, implementation, and testing of the BEAMER model framework, a disease-agnostic behavioural and adherence model for improving the quality, health outcomes, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

When dealing with data, especially sensitive personal data related to health, privacy and confidentiality play a major role in all of the related activities envisioned. Ensuring that data is adequately protected and secured is essential from the design phase and throughout the data lifecycle. This need is even more emphasized when advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, are being deployed.

The BEAMER Consortium, committed to promoting privacy-preserving solutions and adopting a privacy-by-design and by-default approach, has partnered up with the Privacy Symposium (, taking place in Venice from June 10th to 14th, to bring forward important topics related to data in healthcare.

The Privacy Symposium aims at promoting international dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing on data protection, regulatory compliance, and innovative technologies. It will offer over 100 sessions with over 300 top-level speakers and data protection authorities, including international organisations, European authorities, national data protection authorities, and experts in innovative technologies, including experts from the BEAMER Consortium.

This year’s edition will feature dedicated sessions for health and medical data privacy within the track on Health and Medical Data Compliance, focusing on evolving regulations that will impact health data and medical research, including the European Health Data Space Regulation, the AI Act and the Medical Devices Regulation. It will discuss in depth the secondary use of data, emphasising the needs and challenges, as well as the solutions and innovative approaches adopted through research and practice.

Such dedicated sessions on health and medical data will include:

  • European Health Data Space in Practice
  • AI Act, MDR, and EHDS Interplay and Impact on Medical Research
  • Secondary Use of Data: Needs and Challenges
  • What is the Value of Synthetisation, Pseudonymisation and Anonymisation for the Secondary Use of Medical Data?
  • Alternative Legal Basis to Consent for Processing Medical Data
  • Extending the Data Space: International Transfer of Health and Medical Data for Research

Join the Privacy Symposium to hear more about data compliance in health and the BEAMER approach, as well as to explore more topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, and Technology and Compliance!

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