Success in developing the BEAMER model depends on the support of individuals from all walks of life. When you engage with us, the model gets one step closer to becoming more applicable in real-world settings. So, whether you work in the industry or are an everyday citizen, join us. Help us create the model that will work for patients with any disease.

Because better care means a higher quality of life.

Discover Benefits


  • BEAMER would encourage you to tell your story as a unique individual with a unique health journey.
  • Participation in the co-creation process would ensure that what is developed will reflect what you have always needed.
  • BEAMER would help you receive the proper support at the right level and time.
  • BEAMER would help you get the correct information in the right form and from the right source.


  • BEAMER would help you gain better knowledge about adherence and non-adherence to support you in caring for those with a condition or disease.
  • Participation in the co-creation process would ensure that what is developed will reflect what you have always needed.

Health Professionals

  • BEAMER could provide guidance so that you can offer your patients more quality and personalised care.
  • Participation in the co-creation process would ensure that what is developed will reflect what you have always needed.
  • BEAMER would help you make the most of support tools at your disposal regularly.
  • BEAMER could bridge the gap between existing research about adherence and real-world scenario with a validated model, comprehensive data collection and analysis, and an overall shift in how we approach the topic of adherence.

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales

  • BEAMER would encourage improved adherence within clinical trial settings and product development, facilitating data collection from subjects. This, in turn, would contribute to higher efficacy in products and, as a result, an increased likelihood of being chosen for restitution by health insurance companies and health professionals and providers.
  • BEAMER would help you speed up your go-to-market strategy and gain higher efficacy, giving you the competitive edge to enjoy an increased return on investment.

Pharmaceutical Medical/Research and Development Departments

  • BEAMER would help you develop products and treatments that are better aligned to the adherence limitations of your patient audience
  • BEAMER would help you conceive, produce and test drive personalised patient support to deliver the product in go-to-market strategy.
  • BEAMER could help improve adherence, which could mean greater efficacy yielded by your products.
  • BEAMER could increase adherence to treatment, possibly facilitating more concise and high-quality data collection.

Raise Awareness

Making a difference in care does not always mean you need to create a complex model. You can share knowledge and insights with the wider community to help shed light on the health issue and increase the chances of better adherence amongst patients.

Here is a series of editable resources and infographics you can translate to your language and use in your region. Feel free to tag @BEAMERPROJECT on Twitter or LinkedIn to let us know what you do! We’d be glad to re-post!

This infographic briefly describes the implications of non-adherence and how the BEAMER project will help address the major health issue.

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