Led by the project and coordination team, the BEAMER project assembly in Antwerp on March 12th and 13th proved to be a productive event. The teams spearheaded discussions on the mission statement and vision of BEAMER, setting the tone for the collaborative efforts ahead.

Throughout the assembly, updates from various work packages were provided, including insightful contributions from all work packages.

Despite the rainy skies outside, and inside the assembly venue, team members were fully engaged in discussions and strategic planning sessions. Jess Vogt from Empirica led an exploration of user scenarios and functionalities within the BEAMER model, while Merel Griepink facilitated discussions on needs elicitation and support development at PredictBy.

The meeting, serving as the project’s annual General Assembly, provided a platform for partners to engage in discussions on refining vision statements, strategizing communication efforts, and ensuring sustainability.

Stay tuned for further updates on the BEAMER project’s progress as we continue our journey towards improving adherence to treatment and driving positive change in healthcare.

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