We’re excited to announce that the BEAMER Project will be speaking at a Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystem Event attended by Beatriz Merino from UPM and Ana Roca-Umbert from PredictBy.
They will share their expertise and experiences from BEAMER about the model and treatment adherence. Their insights promise to contribute to the diverse perspectives offered by our distinguished lineup of speakers.
Other notable speakers include:
– Vincenzo Carbone, Senior Product Manager at MedTech, InSilicoTrials Technologies – Brainteaser Project
– Miriam Cabrita, SHINE2Europe – SIRENE Project
– Sandra Vilaplana, Kveloce – KHealthInAir Project
– Mireia Ferri
The event, organized in collaboration with AQuAS and ECHAlliance and hosted by the Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Health Procurement, DigitalHealthUptake project, and iRaise Education Programme, will provide a platform for these distinguished speakers to share their insights on transitioning innovations to widespread use.
Attendees can anticipate engaging in discussions, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities, gaining practical knowledge on the successful implementation of digital health solutions in diverse regions.

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